Is Sports Beneficial for Your Health?

In general, sports and any other kind of activity that involves your body to move and work is good for one’s physical health. It helps to improve cardiorespiratory, muscular fitness, bone health, increase life expectancy and coronary health. Playing various kinds of sports also helps to prevent major diseases such as cancer and obesity and also imposes positive mental effects by reducing depression.

benefits of sports for children
Benefits of Sports for Children

Following are the reasons how sports is beneficial to one’s health:

1. Helps to Maintain Weight

Sports can help get rid of toxic fat from our body and also prevents weight gain. It increases metabolic rates and helps burn calories and get rid of excess fat. It generally helps to maintain the weight of a person, although the amount of physical activity varies greatly from one person to another.

2. Cancer

Sports decreases the chances of cancer such as colon cancer from occurring by about 300%. It can also significantly decrease the risk of other types of cancer that include: breast cancer, endometrial and lung cancer.

3. Psychological Health

Playing various kinds of sports also helps to lift one’s spirits. It diverts the person’s mind and also helps to get rid of anxiety and depression. By participating in sports with others, it can also act as a mental therapy as it helps to get rid of negative thoughts.

4. Cardiorespiratory

Sports can help for the betterment of the health of the heart, lungs and blood vessels. It keeps them well and functioning for a longer time. It also reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases and strokes. Being active in sports also means it’s a great way to keep away from diabetes. Therefore it helps to overcome stress, obesity and high blood pressure.

5. Muscle and Bone Health

Playing various sports also helps to maintain a great bone health. This is important, because as a person ages, their bones and muscles become a lot weaker, making it difficult to carry out day-to-day tasks. Moreover, building bone health is very crucial for younger children.

benefits of playing sports

Although there are a few risks associated with sports, the benefits that it has on our body triumphs over its risks. Playing different kinds of sports not just keeps one involved, but is also a great way to spend their time fruitfully.

Playing sports not just helps maintain our body, but also teaches great values. It teaches one to be more disciplined, respectful and showcases leadership skills. Indeed, a great way to teach moral values to the younger generation.

People who don’t play sports, it’s never too late. Take one step at a time. Go easy on yourself initially and increase hours of daily sports gradually. This will help and the signs of changes will be evident very soon.

Our body takes time to accept change. Thus, initially it might be tiring and painful to play games or do outdoor physical activities. However, as time goes by, it becomes a lot easier to cope with and you’ll see yourself getting involved further more in sports. Again, it’s never too late!

Why do People Prefer Football Over Cricket?

Whether you like it or not, football and cricket are in fact two of the most famous sports of our times. International tournaments have enraged a new love for these sports in the recent years, more than ever before.

Why do People Prefer Football Over Cricket
Why do People Prefer Football Over Cricket?

However, majority of the people prefer football over cricket, and as ridiculous as it many sound, here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Cricket may be an expensive pastime. Why so? For cricket, you need bat, gloves, helmet, knee pads that can together add up to $100 if bought of decent quality. Moreover, it’s a sport that can’t be played with few players. On the contrary, for football, all you need is two posts, a football and footwear which is considerably much more inexpensive. Also, it can be played with just one goal-keeper and a player.
  2. Time frame of the games. Cricket takes about a minimum of 7 hours a day for an entire match, whereas football lasts for just 90 minutes. Thus, football is a quicker sport and picks up intensity much faster than cricket. Besides, many get bored after watching hours of cricket and often stop watching before reaching the end of the game.
  3. In terms of terminology, cricket is a complex sport. There is a lot to know about the sport before you can actually sit down to enjoy the game. However, the rules for football are straight forward and generic. Any newbie into the “World of Football” will find it easy to understand the game and enjoy every bit of it, unlike cricket.
  4. Football is also a sport that is widely played in many countries all around the world and this is evident in all the countries that participate in the FIFA World Cups. Whereas, cricket is a sport that is played in much fewer countries in comparison to football. Therefore, more people know about football and take an interest to watch it.
  5. Some people believe cricket has very little action packed in it especially when players takes singles or dot balls. However, in football, the game is packed with thrill throughout the 90 minutes. Your eyes pretty much demand to be fixed to the screen to follow the game with full concentration and not miss any exciting kick or goal!

cricket vs football
Cricket vs Football

Nevertheless, both sports are equally very good for one’s health. They help maintain a good physique and improve our lifestyle. As to which sport is better, it can’t really be said, as it all boils down to one’s perspective and likes. However, majority have chosen football over cricket.

We should realize that, there is no such thing as one sport being better than the other. All sports have their own charisma and people have their reasons whether they like the sport or not. One’s opinions don’t alter the fact that sport, be it of any kind, is always beneficial for us and must be made a part of our daily routine.


Five of the Most Influential Women in Sports

Although women are extremely talented and make great leaders and sportswomen, they need to make relentless efforts to get into sports, as it’s something out of the norm. However, many countries have a different approach to this, but majority of the countries think and believe this.

In today’s generation, however, women have been opened a portal into a world where discrimination is almost non-existent. They have access to new opportunities, which women in the past generations would have never imagined. Women are now creating history, bigger and better, than ever before.

Talking about sports, women are equally playing a huge role in shaping sports to be an important part of the curriculum be it in schools or colleges. Let’s look into five of the most influential sportswomen of our times:

1. Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova
Maria Sharapova


Russian tennis professional, Maria Sharapova never failed to showcase her outstanding skills in the game. Currently, Sharapova holds the ninth position in the best female tennis sport stars in the world by the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association). Besides her exceptionally good performance throughout her career, she also runs her very own The Maria Sharapova Foundation to help kids around the world achieve their dreams.

2. Steph Houghton

Steph Houghton
Steph Houghton


Houghton led England to 3rd place at the Women’s World Cup which was there best performance – and turned into a national heroine in the process. She was first known about in the 2012 London Olympics when she scored 3 goals in four games for her country, The Great Britain. She remains one of the treasured examples for the young girls of the country and internationally.

3. Mia Hamm

Mia Hamm
Mia Hamm


Mia won two of the first four Women’s World Cups and is now a founder member of the Washington Freedom. She has scored 158 Soccer goals in international competitions – more than any other Soccer player. She also won herself two Gold medals and the title of the Women’s FIFA World Player of the Year. Mia, now a retired soccer player, has also been honored in the National Soccer Hall of Fame.

4. Dawn Staley

Dawn Staley
Dawn Staley


Three time Gold medalist, Dawn Staley coached a women’s basketball program back in 2008 and created a force that is yet to overcome. She was also the coach of the South Carolina Lady Gamecocks, where she won the SEC. Her outstanding success throughout her career saw her as the finalist for the Pat Summit Coach of the Year Award.

5. Brittney Griner

Brittney Griner
Brittney Griner


Last on our list, we have Brittney Griner. The 6’8” basketball player with 18 career dunks has a controlled style and athleticism that has proved an elated contribution to the history of NCAA’s women’s basketball. Griners’ college team, the Lady Bears, saw endless victories and won the National Championship in 2012. Griner has already become extremely successful in all that she has done so far and her career has just begun.


Indeed, these sportswomen have had a tremendous contribution to the World of Sports. Their magnificent talent is greatly appreciable. They have being role models to many younger girls all around the world and are now standing in positions wherein no such word as “limit” exists!


What is The Secret Behind Bolt’s Lightning Speed?

Sprinters that raced with Usain Bolt in the 100-metres dash described the feeling of defeat overwhelming them and believing that winning against the legend was next to impossible. One second they are shoulder-to-shoulder with him and the next second they just get a view of his back facing them, watching his hands float in the air as his signature wave of triumph, shooting to the finish line.

usain bolt speed
How does Usain Bolt run so fast?

Bolt, who is 6’5 tall, has won all Olympic and World Championship 100-metres race since 2008. The only exception being the 2011 World Championships, where a faulty beginning got him disqualified.

According to a mathematical outlook that has been proposed, Bolt’s record of 9.58 seconds in the 100-metres dash in Berlin was achieved because of his speed which was 12.2 metres per second which is equivalent to 27 meters per hour. Super-fast, isn’t it?

usain bolt
London 2012

Could the secret behind his ravishing speed be his lanky legs? Let’s take an insight into what makes Bolt the fastest man alive:

  1. It was found that he is rather less energetic in the initial stage of the game. This is mostly due to drag which is also known as air resistance. It was also found that less than 8% of energy was produced by his body muscles. Rest of the energy was all absorbed by the drag force.
  2. Bolt’s drag coefficient which is a measure of the drag per unit area of mass, that is configured by Bolt’s body mass, the height of the track and the temperature of the air, it was less aerodynamic than that of an average man.
  3. A professor at the Cambridge University studied about Bolt’s speed and credited it due to his “extraordinarily large stride length” despite having a slower approach at the start of the game. He also mentioned how Bolt has many fast twitch muscle fibers that can respond quickly, together with his vast stride.

However the man himself credits his speed mostly to his hard work and days and nights of intense training and partly to his tight diet. He says, initially, he ate what he liked and didn’t put much thought into his diet, until recently. He is now a veggie-maniac and tries to take in lots of protein as part of his diet plan.

When asked about his most common craving, he says “Hot wings,” with a wistful sigh. “That’s the biggest craving that I have, all the time,” he adds. Besides his cravings, he tries to keep it healthy all throughout the day by munching on fruits and going easy during lunch and dinner.

Who runs faster
Who Runs Faster

Although the secret behind Bolt’s speed isn’t his lanky legs, it’s definitely things that are much more astonishing. A slow starter he is, but a man to always make it to the finish line before all others, waving his hand in pride and doing his signature pose with the fingers pointing towards the limitless sky! Perhaps to help us realize, the sky isn’t the limit, aim for the moon, and you’ll earn the stars!


Why a Sport that Looks Rather Dangerous is The Safest ?

Here’s why a sport that looks rather dangerous is the safest – Fencing

For many, “safe” sports may be just another myth, as they believe with all sports comes an extra burden of injuries. Parents often don’t like to send their children off for playing various sports because to them, it does more harm than good.

olympic sport fencing

What many of them fail to understand is, sports in fact do more good than evil. Yes, injuries are a part of playing sports, but, to be more specific, playing sports “recklessly”. With extra care being taken, it would be almost impossible to sustain injuries whilst getting involved in various sports. This shouldn’t be one of the reasons for us to give up doing what could actually benefit our health and improve our lifestyle.

Statistics show that, fencing is one such game that may visually seem dangerous but is one of the safest sports of our time. The sport is played either individually or in groups. Fencing has been added to the Olympic list of games in 1896 in Athens, Greece. Ever since then, it has been considered a part of the Olympic Program and played to date, even in the latest Rio Olympics 2016.

fencing classes

Although it doesn’t look like very safe, here’s why fencing is considered one of the safest sports:

  1. Despite extremely popular belief, fencing jackets are not made out of the material Kevlar. However, the fencing jackets are made resistant to puncture which makes it a lot cleaner and safer for the fencers.
  2. Fencing weapons absorb all the force that happen whilst the game and bend, if not broken. Referees immediately stop any action when any of the fencers weapon breaks.
  3. Fencers wear “plastrons” underneath their fencing jackets which serves as an extra blockade from allowing the rapier-style swords from penetrating into the body.
  4. The blades are designed to absorb force, and also bend or in extreme cases break before hitting the person being targeted, so as to not allow the player from being injured.

According to a study, “A third of the injuries caused by contact with another athlete were by either overuse (22%) or non-contact incidences (20%).” Although many might argue it does lead to common fencing injuries, which include bruising, twisted ankles and strained muscles. However, these are very easy to treat and can be easily prevented, as mentioned earlier, by taking precautionary measures.

This game not just a great one for adults but also for children. Besides being an extremely safe sport, it is also said to have many external benefits for anyone playing the sport. Some of its countless benefits include being disciplined, quick-thinking and being respectful of the opponents.

fencing lessons

Thus, we can conclude that fencing isn’t a sport that is dangerous compared to many other commonly played games – Soccer, badminton, tennis, baseball and much more. It’s a game that can be played by both adults and children because of the many benefits that come with it. Fencing also breaks the record for being one of the very few sports that have injury rates that are extremely low!