Things To Know About When To Plant Turnips for Deer That Will Mesmerize You Especially No.1

It is important to know when to plant turnips for the deer because, if you don’t have time well, then you might be unlucky and not be in a position to attract as many deer as you would have wished.  If you do the right timing, you will be able to add the big one in your basket of the game. In this article, we are going to try and find out the right time to plant turnips so that, you don’t do it in vain. You can also be able to use the deer decoys and deer calls to allow more profit in the game

when to plant turnips for the deer

For that question to be answered conclusively,  you will need to be able to know the following:

  • Why you should stick to planting turnips when you are hunting for deer and nothing else
  • Why deer love turnips
  • The best time to plant your turnips
  • What is expected of you when you decide to plant the turnips regarding the work involved in the whole process?

Why Turnips And Nothing Else

Turnips have been enjoyed since time immemorial, have proved to be nutritious because the deer love to eat both the tops which are leafy and the turnip or the sometimes referred to as the taproots. Turnips are a cool season annual crop that is high in proteins which could easily be digested by the deer.  And because the deer are high in proteins, they need more proteins in their diet for them to grow bigger antlers. Unlike what is found in forage or cereal grains, the fiber found in turnips does not increase with its maturity, and that is what makes it easy to digest them.  Now that you know, planting turnips for the deer comes with a lot of benefits, you shouldn’t think twice before deciding that, it is the right thing to do.

Process of Planting Turnips

You might be wondering if it is easy or tough to plant turnips, the good news is that you will be shocked at how easy it is to grow turnips because they are versatile. Another factor about them is that they can grow in any weather. When you decide that turnips are what you want to grow for the deer, you will never lack food for the deer because the production is normally very high. Thus the return is higher than the effort placed in planting them.

The Basics of When To Plant Turnips For Deer

Now that you are convinced that turnips are the way to go regarding food for the deer, it is important to know when to plant them.  The main reason why you will want to plant the turnips is to attract the deer to your area. Thus, you need to plant it to attract the deer before the season starts. Though turnips are easy to grow, you need to know which time of the year to plant to get a good harvest.  The turnips mature very fast,  thus no need to wait for a long time. It takes around 70 -90 days for it to reach maturity.  You have to time and make sure that, the taproots grow and the leafy top, which is the one that attracts the deer, comes out in readiness for the deer.

Here are things to know about when to plant turnips for the deer

  1. When To Plant Turnips for The Deer in Warm Seasons

In case you reside in the southern states,  there is a way you are supposed to handle your turnip planting for the deer. It is due to the fact that, the southern regions have warmer climates and due to this, the crop will grow faster.  You have to do your timing well because, bearing in mind that, the deer season starts in late fall, you will have to consider planting the turnips in early fall, and you will be sure to get enough of them to attract a large number of deer to your area before the season starts. As long as you pick the right variety, you will have no regrets

  1. When To Plant Turnips for the Deer in Cold Season

Turnips being plants which can adapt to any climate, the cold season won’t affect it at all. Instead, it will make it grow well and reach maturity. So if you live in the northern regions of the USA, you don’t need to worry, but just make sure that you plant your turnips in late summer.  Late summertime is the best time to grow turnips in the northern part because it will make it possible for you to be ready for the deer season. It is important that you note that, turnips planted at this particular time will still be around during winter, thus provide food for deer during the cold weather. Make sure that you choose the best variety for this type of season

  1. Where to plant The Turnips

Where to plant the turnips is as important as when to plant because, if you plant it in the wrong way, you don’t expect it to produce. The best place to plant the turnips is in well drained fertile soils which should have a pH of about 6.8.


What causes variation in the type of turnips available in the market is something to do with the roots and the leaves. The best turnips to grow are those with small  leaves as those are the favorites for the deer. Depending on where you reside; whether in the northern or southern part, time your planting season so that it coincides well with the deer season and that is the only way you will be able to succeed in hunting the big game as it will be attracted in your farm. Share this post with friends on social media so that they can learn a few things they may not have known about when to plant turnips for deer.  Am sure you found the article educative and it won’t hurt if you shared the information with others, just as I have shared it with you.