Why do People Prefer Football Over Cricket?

Whether you like it or not, football and cricket are in fact two of the most famous sports of our times. International tournaments have enraged a new love for these sports in the recent years, more than ever before.

Why do People Prefer Football Over Cricket
Why do People Prefer Football Over Cricket?

However, majority of the people prefer football over cricket, and as ridiculous as it many sound, here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Cricket may be an expensive pastime. Why so? For cricket, you need bat, gloves, helmet, knee pads that can together add up to $100 if bought of decent quality. Moreover, it’s a sport that can’t be played with few players. On the contrary, for football, all you need is two posts, a football and footwear which is considerably much more inexpensive. Also, it can be played with just one goal-keeper and a player.
  2. Time frame of the games. Cricket takes about a minimum of 7 hours a day for an entire match, whereas football lasts for just 90 minutes. Thus, football is a quicker sport and picks up intensity much faster than cricket. Besides, many get bored after watching hours of cricket and often stop watching before reaching the end of the game.
  3. In terms of terminology, cricket is a complex sport. There is a lot to know about the sport before you can actually sit down to enjoy the game. However, the rules for football are straight forward and generic. Any newbie into the “World of Football” will find it easy to understand the game and enjoy every bit of it, unlike cricket.
  4. Football is also a sport that is widely played in many countries all around the world and this is evident in all the countries that participate in the FIFA World Cups. Whereas, cricket is a sport that is played in much fewer countries in comparison to football. Therefore, more people know about football and take an interest to watch it.
  5. Some people believe cricket has very little action packed in it especially when players takes singles or dot balls. However, in football, the game is packed with thrill throughout the 90 minutes. Your eyes pretty much demand to be fixed to the screen to follow the game with full concentration and not miss any exciting kick or goal!

cricket vs football
Cricket vs Football

Nevertheless, both sports are equally very good for one’s health. They help maintain a good physique and improve our lifestyle. As to which sport is better, it can’t really be said, as it all boils down to one’s perspective and likes. However, majority have chosen football over cricket.

We should realize that, there is no such thing as one sport being better than the other. All sports have their own charisma and people have their reasons whether they like the sport or not. One’s opinions don’t alter the fact that sport, be it of any kind, is always beneficial for us and must be made a part of our daily routine.