Why a Sport that Looks Rather Dangerous is The Safest ?

Here’s why a sport that looks rather dangerous is the safest – Fencing

For many, “safe” sports may be just another myth, as they believe with all sports comes an extra burden of injuries. Parents often don’t like to send their children off for playing various sports because to them, it does more harm than good.

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What many of them fail to understand is, sports in fact do more good than evil. Yes, injuries are a part of playing sports, but, to be more specific, playing sports “recklessly”. With extra care being taken, it would be almost impossible to sustain injuries whilst getting involved in various sports. This shouldn’t be one of the reasons for us to give up doing what could actually benefit our health and improve our lifestyle.

Statistics show that, fencing is one such game that may visually seem dangerous but is one of the safest sports of our time. The sport is played either individually or in groups. Fencing has been added to the Olympic list of games in 1896 in Athens, Greece. Ever since then, it has been considered a part of the Olympic Program and played to date, even in the latest Rio Olympics 2016.

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Although it doesn’t look like very safe, here’s why fencing is considered one of the safest sports:

  1. Despite extremely popular belief, fencing jackets are not made out of the material Kevlar. However, the fencing jackets are made resistant to puncture which makes it a lot cleaner and safer for the fencers.
  2. Fencing weapons absorb all the force that happen whilst the game and bend, if not broken. Referees immediately stop any action when any of the fencers weapon breaks.
  3. Fencers wear “plastrons” underneath their fencing jackets which serves as an extra blockade from allowing the rapier-style swords from penetrating into the body.
  4. The blades are designed to absorb force, and also bend or in extreme cases break before hitting the person being targeted, so as to not allow the player from being injured.

According to a study, “A third of the injuries caused by contact with another athlete were by either overuse (22%) or non-contact incidences (20%).” Although many might argue it does lead to common fencing injuries, which include bruising, twisted ankles and strained muscles. However, these are very easy to treat and can be easily prevented, as mentioned earlier, by taking precautionary measures.

This game not just a great one for adults but also for children. Besides being an extremely safe sport, it is also said to have many external benefits for anyone playing the sport. Some of its countless benefits include being disciplined, quick-thinking and being respectful of the opponents.

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Thus, we can conclude that fencing isn’t a sport that is dangerous compared to many other commonly played games – Soccer, badminton, tennis, baseball and much more. It’s a game that can be played by both adults and children because of the many benefits that come with it. Fencing also breaks the record for being one of the very few sports that have injury rates that are extremely low!